Turquoise Blues…

I have always been fond of the blues, the color that is!  Turquoise, I feel, is in a class all by itself.  Don’t know what kind of magic this color has, but whenever I see something in turquoise, I am immediately drawn to it. I mean, I make a beeline for it!

Among my paint supplies, turquoise, aqua, azure, pale blue etc. are always dominant… same with my thread, fabric and yarn supplies too! Just can’t seem to get enough of this amazing color!

So, naturally I like to use it a lot in my work…

Love Your Laugh Photo Display ~ Turquoise wood lettering on beige linen!
Love Your Laugh Photo Display ~ Turquoise wood lettering on linen!

In the above photo display, I used a natural linen background and added a distressed wood sign.  The two colors go really well together, like sea and sand! I made a tag that completed  the display to “love your laugh”!  Makes me smile every time I look at it… I will add more to this series and will post the photos.

Distressed Turquoise Ampersand
Distressed Turquoise Ampersand

I used turquoise to distress the ampersand sign in the photo above. I like the old and worn look that it created, but I really like how it brought the sign to life! Add one of these lovely pieces in an old crate with an old book (preferably one with a cloth cover!), and you’ll have an instant rustic charm added to a room!

Dragonfly Ornament
Dragonfly Ornament

In the above ornament, the blues are in the background.  Even though the piece is very distressed and has a nice grunge look to it, the blue brings it to life!


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