Fun photo displays!

In addition to traditional photo frames (which I can’t seem to get enough of) I also enjoy using photo boards and blocks! They integrate so well into your decor that they look great with or without the photos!

What I love about these blocks is how easy it is to swap photos! And how versatile they are.  Since they don’t have predefined sizes for photo display, you can display a variety of sizes, or even multiple smaller photos, business cards, memos side by side!

Some of these photo blocks can be stacked up so you can get really creative!

Photo Blocks
These stack up to create fun photo or memo blocks!

You can keep these wood photo blocks in several color schemes to change your decor as your mood or the seasons change.  Or, to decorate for a special occasion, such as a wedding, or a graduation party.

Mr & Mrs Photo Block
Mr & Mrs Photo Block decorated with old book pages!
These photo blocks add an instant touch of color!
These photo blocks add an instant touch of color!

I think these would look great at your desk at home or at the office too!

Black & Gold Photo Displays
Black & Gold Photo Displays! Rustic, yet elegant!

Display your memories in ways that are fun and easy to change, so photos in your living space keep up with the times 🙂

Have fun creating new memories!


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